10 Important Things to Pack For a Day At The Beach

10 Important Things to Pack For a Day At The Beach

Are you headed for a beach vacation sometime soon? I have quite a few beach vacations under my belt and I wanted to share the items I pack up every single day while on this type of trip. Going to the beach is fun, but having the right stuff along can make or break the success of your time there. I've included a downloadable checklist of things to pack each day. Feel free to save the checklist so you have it handy. Of course you'll need the flip flops, underwear, toothbrush and all of that. This isn't your typical "everything to pack" for your vacation list, but rather the list of essentials when headed out for a day at the beach!

Vacations are fun and refreshing for the soul. Make the best of your time, but ensure you're prepared to protect yourself so you can continuing maximizing your time there.

things to pack for a day at the beach

The Ultimate Beach Day Checklist:

  1. BEACH BAG: I prefer a large bag that will fold flat and not take up much room in my suitcase. I was able to find this extra large tote bag to haul beach towels, sand toys, etc. I love the size and price of this one. It's under $20!
  2. SUNSCREEN: Sunscreen is a must-have on the beach. Even when the weather is perfect, the sun has harmful rays that can be brutal on the skin. You must protect yourself from the sun! I personally prefer Sun Bum Suncreen because it smells yummy, but also because it's "reef-friendly". I wrote more about what that means on my 6 vacay essentials article if you want to learn more.
  3. BEACH HAT: I bought mine on the beach in Mexico, and it's truly my favorite of all I've ever owned. I would recommend one that has a smaller brim, or is rollable so that it is easy to pack. I don't know about you, but I don't like wearing a beach hat on the plane in case I want to take a little snooze. I typically pack my hat in my rolling cooler when I travel to keep it safe from being smashed. This one on Amazon that is similar to the one I have in the pic above.  But, we also love this wide brim beach hat that provides even more sun protection for the face.  
  4. SUNGLASSES: My daughter taught me the secret to sunglasses a few years back -- seems so simple but it's truly the trick. I never buy sunglasses with the nose pieces anymore, they get stuck in my hair and aren't as comfortable as the kind with that piece built in. Our favorite ones are from Amazon and can often be found on a lightening deal. They come in many colors and you can get polarized or non-polarized versions. The price is great, so if you drop these in the water and have to replace them, it's OK! (There's a coupon today so you can get them for about $10!)
  5. LIP BALM with SPF: I prefer Sun Bum Lip Balm with 30 or 50 SPF. If you've never sunburned your lips, trust me on this one . . . it is not something you want to experience. Protect your luscious lips.
  6. SWIMSUIT: I have way too many suits to count, but ultimately my favorite resources for high quality swimsuits is Athleta and Title Nine . Their swimsuits are fun and sporty, but supportive and comfortable too! 
  7. RASH GUARD: If you're fair skinned like me, you'll get some sun in the first few days, even with continued application of sunscreen. To further protect your skin, you should invest in a long sleeve rash guard. Sometimes, you may even be able to find one that coordinates with your swimsuit. I have several and they are so nice to swim in and offer great protection. This allows me to continue to enjoy the sun and not miss out on the fun.
  8. ROLLING COOLER: When taking day trips to the beach, we pack sandwiches, snacks, and drinks so we don't have to take time away for lunch. I attached a link here to one on Amazon that is similar to mine in size and actually folds flat so you could get it in your suitcase! Or you can read more about how I travel with mine in my 6 vacay essentials article.
  9. SMALL BLUETOOTH SPEAKER: We always have this JBL waterproof bluetooth speaker with us and we love this Old School Beach Vibes playlist on Spotify.
  10. WATERPROOF PHONE CASE: We have had great luck using these little waterproof phone case sleeves that go around your neck. The cool part is you're able to seal them so you can take your phone underwater when snorkeling to take pictures! Super cheap and you can find them to fit any phone on Amazon. Just be sure you get it sealed up tight before going into the water!  A new option we are going to try on our next beach trip is this hardcase waterproof phone case in hopes that it takes even better photos.  

You may notice I did not include a beach towel. Most hotels, resorts, VRBOs and Air BNBs provide beach towels. If so, you don't need to pack one. If you know where you are headed does not provide beach towels, you will definitely want to include this on your list.

Are you a beach vacation pro? If so, I would love to know if you have any items you pack that are not on my list and you find super helpful to enjoying a day at the beach.

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