10 Summer Entertaining Essentials You Need To Know About

10 Summer Entertaining Essentials You Need To Know About

Summer entertaining by the lake is just one of the things we love about having a home by the water.  Whether the gathering is planned or impromptu, we always enjoy looking back on the many memories we have made during our time together.  

We believe there are some summer entertaining essentials that just make hosting easier and more enjoyable.  If you are planning to have guests over this summer, we thought you might benefit from adding some of what we deem as must-haves.

Summer Entertaining Must-Haves

1.  Rattan Placemats - Give your outdoor table or bar place settings a touch of natural texture with these woven seagrass rattan placemats.  We have these at both our primary and lake homes because we love the added dimension they bring to a table setting.

2.  Wooden Cutting Board - The perfect lakeside happy hour starts right here with this Lake Life is the Best Life Anchor Cutting Board with Cheese Forks.  A charcuterie board is our favorite lake snack, so a fun decorative board adds life to the conversation while nibbling on all your favorite meats and cheeses.

3.  Cheese Knife Set - Every charcuterie board needs a good cheese knife set so that everyone can slice off just the right amount of cheese they want.  We like our guests to feel at home so much that we invite them to cut their own cheese.  :)  Did we really just write that?  This Acacia Wood Cheese Knife Block Set keeps everything tidy with a magnet to hold the knives/forks to the block.  



4.  Acrylic TumblersNo matter what your drink of choice may be, these 19 oz Acrylic 19 oz Fish Tumblers will bring a smile to your face as you quench your thirst.  We like to keep our drinkware glass free when barefoot feet are pretty much a guarantee around our place.  These tumblers are BPA free, stackable, and dishwasher safe.  They come in a set of six.  


5.  Silverware Caddy - Since most of our meals are served outdoors, it is super handy to have a silverware caddy that is easy to move to wherever the next meal is being served.  This Rattan Wicker Silverware Caddy can also double as a way to organize and easily transport your condiments for summer entertaining gatherings.  

Rattan Condiment Caddy

6.  Acacia Wood Serving Boat  - When you need the perfect serving piece to serve chips, crackers, salads, biscuits, pastries, etc., this Acacia Wooden Boat Bowl is the perfect solution.  It is such a fun way to present nearly any side dish or appetizer.  


7.  Boat Dip Bowl - We use this adorable Life Is Great at the Lake Boat Bowl for a variety of things, especially when serving appetizers.  It is perfect for dips, as well as nuts, crackers, or pretzels. It comes with a cute little oar that is perfect for scooping out and spreading dips as well as nuts.

Boat Dip Bowl
8.  Serving Tray with Handles - We constantly find ourselves needing a tool to move multiple things inside and outside when we are in the midst of summer entertaining.  This Bamboo Serving Tray with handles is helpful in so many ways.  You can use it to transport multiple drinks at one time or when taking condiments from the house to the patio area.  When you are not using it to entertain, it makes a beautiful decor piece you can use on a coffee table, vanity, etc.  
9.  Drink Coozies - No one wants to have to pack their own can coozies when coming to visit, so we always keep extras on hand.  In our opinion, the best  coozies available for lake lovers are Toad Fish Coozies.  Let us tell you why.  They suction to surfaces so they do not tip over when someone bumps it on a table or when the boat hits an unexpected wave.  Can you believe that?  Anything that prevents messes is a much needed win in our book!  We love that they have a solution for all types of drinks, such as this Toad Fish Slim Can Coozie, Toad Fish Regular 12 oz Beer/Soda Can Coozie, and the Toad Fish Wine Tumbler with Lid.  They are stainless steel, double-wall insulated, and keep your drinks cold to the last drop. 
Toad Fish Beer Soda Can Coozie
10.  Drink Dispenser - Whether you plan to serve tea, lemonade, a batch of mocktails or cocktails, a drink dispenser allows for guests to feel comfortable helping themselves to as many refills as they like.  We love this Acrylic 2.5 Gallon Drink Dispenser, because it looks great and is not heavy to carry even when filled.  And really great bonus is that it is under $20!  
Do you have a date set for your first gathering of the Summer?  We do not, but we are in the planning stages.  We are so excited to host the first get together of the Summer season.  We don't stress about the details, we just wing it and pull out these summer entertaining essentials as appropriate to make hosting friends and family easy peazy. 
Do you have some summer entertaining must-have pieces?  If so, we would love for you to share your tips for how to make entertaining effortless.  
Happy Hosting!
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