Personalized Lake Ornaments

Personalized Lake Christmas Ornaments Make a Great and Meaningful Gift

Just a couple of days ago, we published a blog article on unique nautical Christmas ornaments for the lake lover at heart.  Of course, we thought there were some really great options in that article.  Can you tell that we are fully focused on getting our homes decorated for the season and on choosing gifts for all of our friends and family members on the NAUTI list.  

In this blog article, we are focused on personalized lake Christmas ornaments.  If you really want to give a meaningful gift to your friends that love lake life or just love spending time by the water, a personalized lake Christmas ornament is a fabulous solution.  This type of gift keeps on giving year after year when the recipient decorates their tree. 

Personalized Ornaments Lake Life

5 Personalized Lake Christmas Ornaments

We have rounded up 5 awesome personalized lake Christmas ornaments to help you deliver on the mission of giving a meaningful gift.  Some are perfect for adding the name of a boat or a family name, or the names of a couple.  One of the options even allows for you to customize the features of the people to match that of the recipients.  

Personalized Christmas Pontoon:
Personalized Pontoon Ornament I love that you can choose the color of the pontoon to make this even more personalized than adding just a name.  Our boat is blue, and it would be so meaningful to receive this ornament with our boat's name on it, which is "Fins & Family".  The interior and exterior detail is quite realistic.  It is made of plastic and is printed on two sides.


Personalized Lake Life Sunset Ornament:  This is a great couple's gift, as it 

features two lawn chairs facing a sunset, with a cooler and coozies with their names on them.  It does allow for you to add additional cups if you want it to be for a family instead of a couple.  The ornament says "Living The Lake Life" above the sunset.






 Nautical Lake House with Anchor and Oars Metal Ornament:  This option allows  

Personalized Lake House Ornament

you to add a family's last name and the year their dream of owning a lake house came to fruition.  The popular icons of an anchor and oars are featured along with some beautiful pine trees to bring a bit of festivity to the winter season.  This is a classic personalized ornament that makes a great family gift.  




Personalized Fishing Ornament:  We love that you can customize the people to look like the gift recipient, even down to the hair color, hair style, skin tone and clothing.  You even get to choose the color of the fishing pole.  

Personalized Fishing Ornament

We had fun selecting our own hair colors and added the name of our business.  This  option is so customizable that you can choose if you want the people to be a kid and a father, a kid and a mother, two men, etc.  There are numerous options of the people you want on it, and nine different key messages to choose from at the top.  For instance, it can say "Let's Go Fishing" or "Daddy's Fishing Buddy" or "Life Is Better at the Lake" to name a few.  This is such a meaningful gift for under $20.


Personalized Boating Couple Ornament:  This resin speedboat ornament features 

Personalized Boat Christmas Ornament

a captain and his first mate out for a boat ride.  You can customize the names on the hats of the boaters.  This would make an awesome Christmas gift for all of your boating friends.   This is another great keepsake gift that will cost you less than $20.




Gifting meaningful gifts can take some thought and you have to plan ahead to allow enough time for the personalization process to be processed.  We hope these personalized lake Christmas ornaments help to get you started with taking care of those special people on your Christmas list.  Don't delay . . . place your custom orders today!

Merry Lakemas!



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