Patio Decor Accessories You Absolutely Need For Your Spring Refresh

Patio Decor Accessories You Absolutely Need For Your Spring Refresh

Lake season is just around the corner and we’re gearing up to refresh the patio decor! Spring is a great time to refresh, clean up, and reset. We’re so excited to share some of our favorite patio decor accessories fit for any back porch or patio. We consider these our essentials for your outdoor space. Making memories outdoors is what summers are made of so let’s get your space in optimal shape.

Patio Decor Accessories

Patio Decor Accessories:

  1. Umbrella
  2. Solar Outdoor Lanterns
  3. String Lights (Timer)
  4. Bug Zapper
  5. Bluetooth Speaker
  6. Outdoor Trash Can
  7. Rolling Ice Chest with Foosball or Teal Rolling Ice Chest
  8. Large Citronella Candle from Woodwick
  9. Smokeless Fire Pit or the Chiefs
  10. Heater
  11. Hose Reel
  12. Topiary Trees

Hype the Ambiance

Let’s start by setting the stage with the 10 ft lighted umbrella that tilts the direction of the sun to provide shade where you need it. We are fortunate to have a covered patio at the lake so we don’t need the umbrella but we have these style of umbrellas all around the pool at the Haynes Parrot Party Paradise (the Anchor Dot’s Pool). They are really awesome and provide the perfect amount of shade.

Lights bring to life the ambiance of the area. Every patio needs fun lighting. We have included outdoor string lights that are LED, waterproof, shatterproof, and dimmable. We recommend attaching a timer so they automatically turn on each night. You can string these from a tree or from the overhang of a patio, and because they’re dimmable, you can create a romantic or low-light atmosphere easily.

We purchased this durable, weather-resistant heater a few years back for our outdoor patio. It extends the outdoor season by taking away the chill on those Spring and Fall nights. We love the pyramid-style glass column in the middle that presents a dazzling flame all the way up. It has wheels on the back that allow for easy transporting to different spots on the patio and it comes with a cover for storing in the off-season.

If you have a walkway or edge of the patio that needs to be illuminated we've added the solar-powered torch flickering lights that appear to as if they are an authentic flame. These come 4 in a pack and look great spaced about 3-4 feet apart.

Spruce Things Up

Topiary Trees

Sprucing things up means adding greenery to your patio set-up. And believe it or not, it doesn't always have to be REAL plants. Kim has a green thumb, but Ashley does not. Ashley needs fake plants to keep her patio looking decent. Although these 2-foot outdoor topiary trees might seem small, there are some tricks you can do to make them have a bigger statement.

  1. Drop them into raised planters. This will make them taller and easy to place around your existing patio furniture. This is a set of 2 for $70, that's a steal because they can be really pricey!
  2. Add this bench into your patio set-up and drop the trees into the planters on the end. It adds additional seating space while bringing the greenery to life (and they're fake, so you don't have to worry about killing them!).

Bring on the FUN Patio Decor Accessories

We love to use our patio for many reasons. For example, we enjoy coffee and bible study/devotion time in the mornings, lunchtime when we are not eating on the water, or dinner and post dinner gatherings after dark. So, how do we crank up the fun meter and entertain our guests? We break out the FUN patio decor accessories.

You're going to need a rolling cooler. Once the weather gets warmer, drinks get hot fast and you'll want a fun cooler to hold the beverages! They come in many shapes and sizes but we LOVE this Turquoise Rolling Ice Chest if you're looking for a pop of color. Or check out this amazing Rolling Ice Chest with Foosball on top, what a fun addition to your patio for guests to partake in a little friendly competition.

Music is a must to set the vibe for any occasion. Grab this outdoor-safe Bluetooth speaker that looks like a lantern. It's easy to bluetooth connect to and can be paired with another speaker to create a surround sound concept. Plus it's waterproof and portable in case you need it while going for a golf-cart ride... yep, we even travel with our tunes on golf cart rides around the lake!

Have you seen these new Smokeless Fire Pit's? We got one as a Christmas gift this year and can't wait to use it this Spring. We love the concept of s'mores and sitting around the warm fire, but we can't stand that our hair (and clothes) smell like it when it comes time for bed! These new smokeless fire pits prevent that from happening! Can you believe that?! Thank you, Jesus, for giving some smart person the brains to create smokeless fire pits! You can use pellets or real firewood in these; we are so impressed with the concept! And of course, they make a KC Chiefs version (or all NFL teams) if you're a super-fan like us!

But You Also Need the Not-So-Fun Patio Decor Accessories

We have featured the hose reel and outdoor trash can to help dress up the not-so-fun parts of the patio necessities. You have to have a hose handy to water the plants and keep them fresh, so this hose storage reel is a nice way to hide the hose. This trash can has a hinged lid, which hides the trash, prevents wind from blowing it around, and keeps creatures out at night. We used to have a big barrel for trash, and although it was functional, it just didn't look pretty. We recently swapped it out for this one which looks so much better.

Do you live where the mosquitoes are crazy? We do, unfortunately. But we're not letting it stop us from enjoying our patio time. We have purchased many of these large cintronella candles to place on the patio table. We love these big woodwick ones that have a nice decorative jar and present a light crackling sounds as the wooden wicks burn. It's adds nicely to the outdoor ambiance for after dark gatherings.

Just to ensure you're covered from the nuisance of bugs (can you tell I really DON'T like them?), the other not-so-fun but absolutely necessary patio decor accessory is this bug zapper! In the hot and humid summer, we have tons of bugs that become bothersome around the lake. This zapper is excellent for reducing bugs in your outdoor patio space.

Now go! Start dressing up your patio... Spring is upon us and Summer is just around the corner. How will you create your getaway oasis? Share your ideas with us, we'd love to hear your valuable outdoor tips and tricks too!

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