Lake Holiday Yard Inflatables

Lake Holiday Yard Inflatables Guaranteed To Make You Jolly

One of our favorite Christmas family activities is to drive around to see Christmas lights and outdoor holiday decorations.  Our kids especially love seeing holiday yard inflatables, because they are typically funny and make a big impact.  

This year, we have run across several holiday yard inflatables that are lake themed and thought you would enjoy seeing them as well.  These all brought a smile to our faces, or better yet, brought us a good dose of jolly.  :)

Lake Holiday Yard Inflatables

Lake Holiday Yard Inflatables

Fishing Santa Boat Inflatable Santa is fishing for holiday fun & reeling in the  laughs! Can't you just picture this on the lawn of an avid fisherman's house?  Santa has clearly caught a big one and stands proudly showing off his catch in his bass fishing boat.  This holiday yard inflatable is a lawn statement maker.  It inflates in seconds for set-up and deflates for easy storage.  It lights up with energy efficient LED lights.  
Fishing Santa Boat Inflatable
Flamingo Floatie Santa Inflatable:  Santa must be ahead of schedule this year, because he is all laid back relaxing on a pink flamingo floatie and sipping on a tropical concoction.  To be honest, I am a bit jelly of this particular Santa.  Product inflates in under 5 minutes and will confidently last the season through rain and snow.  The flamingo has a large footprint and is designed with built-in sandbags to increase stability. This vibrant Flamingo Santa inflatable is a whopping 7'x 8' and guaranteed to bring jolly vibes to all that pass by. 
Flamingo Floatie Santa Inflatable
Surfing Santa Inflatable:  Let's go surfin' now, everybody's learning how ... anyone else got that Beach Boys' song stuck in their head now?  With wake surfing all the
rage now, we think this Surfin' Santa will be a great additional to a wake surfer's lawn.  He has even honed his surfing skills so that he can balance three gifts on the front of his board.  This Santa holiday yard inflatable comes in three different sizes:  6', 7', or 8'.  It is made of high quality materials guaranteed to stand up to wind, rain and snow.  It features LED lights for illumination, comes complete with sand weights and ample tie downs.  It inflates in under a minute.  
Paddle Board Santa Inflatable:  Even Santa loves to SUP!  He is decked out in his 
tropical attire and paddling his way to deliver a gift to someone special.  This Santa inflatable is 6' tall, self inflates in seconds, includes stakes and tethers, and features energy efficient LED lights.  We think it would be fun to have both the paddle boarding and surfing Santas positioned together in an outdoor lawn display.  And for that matter, why not include the jet skiing Santa and make an entire nautical scene?  This Santa is certain to paddle a good dose of jolly to all who drive by.  
Paddle Board Santa Inflatable
Jet Ski Santa Inflatable:  Rudolph is hanging on for deer life (pun intended) as 
Santa takes him on a heck of a ride on a jet ski.  Can you relate to such a ride?  We sure can!  Kids of all ages and neighbors alike will get a kick out of this holiday yard inflatable because it is packed with comical Christmas cheer.    He is 5' high and also has all the standard holiday yard inflatable features, such as easily inflates in minutes, LED lights for illumination, and appropriate stakes and tethers.  
Jet Ski Santa Inflatable
Pirate Boat Santa Inflatable:   This amusing inflatable comes with the Santa Claus 
you know and love on a larger-than-life Pirate Ship! Fare the waters in seasonal style with  Santa complete with an eyepatch and saber on a classic ship flying the pirate flag.  The pirate ship contains 4 bright-lite lightbulbs throughout the hull and on the mast and 1 bright-lite in Santa Claus himself. He is 7' long and 6' tall making this jolly inflatable a hard to miss lawn statement.  Aye Aye Aye Mates!  
Pirate Santa Inflatable
Add some holiday fun to your outdoor decor this year and carry your love of lake life living into your Christmas decorating.  Even if you don't decorate with inflatables in your yard, we hope you have gotten some laughs and a dose of Christmas jolly from seeing these light-hearted lake appropriate options.  We would love to know which holiday yard inflatable is your favorite.  
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