Fire Pits & Outdoor Heaters

Fire Pits Maximize Your Enjoyment Of The Great Outdoors

We don't let the calendar or the cold weather keep us from enjoying the great outdoors.  With the help of a fire pit or other outdoor heat source, we can continue to comfortably enjoy the outdoors for activities like playing in the snow, ice skating on the pond, backyard games of football, and even just sitting on the back porch enjoying a cup of coffee.  

We have accumulated several types of outdoor heaters and fire pits,  A few of them we have received as Christmas gifts.  We appreciate each type of heater featured in this image for different reasons. 

Fire Pits and Outdoor Heaters


We thought the Anchor Crew (that's you) might find it helpful for us to share the various types of outdoor heaters that we own and talk about about the features and benefits of each one.  

Propane Heaters

Pyramid Patio HeaderThe very first outdoor heater we got for the lake house was this pyramid patio heater.  We love the elegant ambiance vibe that it brings.  It has a glass tube that goes up the center of the heater.  The fire shooting up through the glass has a mesmerizing effect.  It starts up easily with a push-button electronic ignitor. Two features we really appreciate about this heater is the propane tank is concealed in the base of the unit, and it has wheels on one side of the base allowing you to easily tilt it and roll it to wherever you want to position the heat. Pros:  beautiful ambiance.  Cons:  You must stay stocked up on propane in order to operate it.  


Another great propane option is a fire table that has flames coming up through fire glass to set the mood.  We have a fire pit table similar to this on the deck overlooking our pond at our primary home near Kansas City.  We love sitting by it after dinner during the week or when we have friends over for a visit.  Again, it is super easy to light with a push-button electronic ignitor.  We highly recommend purchasing one with the glass wind shield, otherwise even light winds will make this type of fire pit hard to keep lit.  The only drawback to this type of fire pit is that it is very heavy, therefore, it is not very portable.  

Wood Heaters

This custom Kansas City Chiefs fire pit was a gift from our niece and nephew one 

Chiefs Fire Pit

year for Christmas.  Naturally, they know we love the Kansas City Chiefs and love spending time outdoors.  It was a really generous and meaningful gift. This option allows you to burn real wood logs and it is perfect for roasting marshmallows and hot dogs or for just warming up on crisp outdoor days.  An additional bonus to this particular fire pit is that it is collapsible making it portable and easy to transport to tailgate parties or between houses (i.e. primary home and lake home). 

Pellet/Wood Heaters

This past year, our kids gifted us one of the latest types of outdoor heat sources 

on the market.  They know that I (Kim) love an outdoor fire, but I don't like to smell like smoke.  So, the Anchorman and I were thrilled to open up this Blue Sky Smokeless Fire Pit.  You can burn either real wood logs or wood pellets.  It has all kinds of features worked into the design to create a smokeless burn.  Isn't that amazing?  We can now enjoy an evening bonfire on the patio without having to take a shower to get the smoke out of our hair before bed.  Yay Blue Sky for coming up with such a genius invention!  It is powder coated in black and comes in a variety of sizes, so that you can choose the option that best fits your needs.  This is a portable option, and they even sell carrying bags to make the transport easier.  

The Solo Stove Bonfire is another smokeless fire pit option that uses either real logs or wood pellets.  The Solo Stove originally launched in the stainless steel style, but they have since added some new colors, which are nice like this blue version called "water."  At the time this article is being written, there is a $30 off coupon that can be applied to the stainless steel style.  So if you have been pondering this type of outdoor heater, now is the time to buy.  This option also lets you enjoy a fire without the post-fire smell in your hair and clothes.
Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit      
Can't you hear the fire crackling now? There is simply something magical about sitting next to a bonfire.  It sets a calming ambiance, and honestly, we have had some of our richest conversations sitting around the fire. 
Most of these options are super simple to light and easy to store.  If you don't have an outdoor fire pit or heater, we highly recommend getting one of these options.  They are all good options for providing heat.  Choosing which type you want is entirely up to your particular needs.  And don't forget that they make fabulous Christmas gifts for any outdoor lovers you have on your list.
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