Swiss Cheese Dip for Crackers 5-Ingredient Recipe

Swiss Cheese Dip for Crackers 5-Ingredient Recipe


Swiss cheese is one of those cheeses that you either love or hate. But, very few of our guests have ever said they didn't love our swiss cheese dip for crackers. It has a unique flavor and is perfectly paired with wheat thins or any other favorite dipping cracker. Aside from the awesome taste, the best part about it is that it is super easy and only requires five ingredients.

We love making this the day before and then packing it in the cooler as we head out for a day on the water. In sealable Tupperware, it will stay cool and the box of crackers is always easy to pass. This makes an excellent group snack. And everyone raves about how amazing it is! 5-ingredients... easy peasy crowd pleaser!

Maybe you aren't a Swiss Cheese person, Ashley isn't either but loves the combination of flavors this dip brings to your palette. You have to trust us, this swiss cheese dip for crackers is worth a try. And if you decide you really can't handle the amount of flavor it carries, try our Shoepeg Corn Dip! It's another great dip to whip up and take with you for a day on the water!

There's no cook time, no resting time, just whip it up and serve. Or like us, we like to make this the evening before. It's 5 easy ingredients stirred together in no particular order. It really couldn't get any easier. We think the flavor is even better after it's had a little time to permeate together! Indulge in this cold and delicious appetizer at your next gathering! As an added bonus, grab one of these adorable dip chillers to serve it in, they hold ice in the base and stay cool for hours. And it will look like a professional prepared it, of course!

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