bacon wrapped barbecue water chestnuts recipe

Heavenly Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts


This incredibly simple appetizer is a crowd favorite treat everywhere we go. It's an easy bake and take, and the best part is that it only requires three ingredients. I typically have all of these ingredients on hand, so it is a quick fix if an impromptu party pops up or I get a last minute invitation and want to take something along.

Nearly everyone LOVES bacon, and doesn't bacon make everything taste better? In this recipe, you simply wrap bacon around a water chestnut, bake it, and then drizzle it with barbecue sauce. The water chestnut is basically flavorless, but it provides the perfect crunch to this savory treat. Every time we share this, people rave about how delicious the bacon wrapped water chestnuts are... and the serving dish is always empty before the event is over. Enjoy, and let us know what your friends say!

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