10 Perfect Lake House Decor Finds You Need to Buy

10 Perfect Lake House Decor Finds You Need to Buy

The Anchored Style brings you 10 lake house decorating ideas that we hope will inspire you and help to set the scene for making endless memories at your favorite waterfront destination. Your lake house can be a place of peace and relaxation, but also fun and inspiration with the right lake house decor pieces! There are some key elements that you can incorporate that will help your waterfront home feel like a true nautical paradise.

Selecting a lake house decorating theme can take on many different angles, and we think it should reflect your personal style. However, there are a few key elements that design professionals suggest incorporating for a more inviting and cozy feel for you and your guests. Incorporating creativity, nautical colors and patterns, and natural materials will help to create a tranquil space. With those elements in mind, we've selected 10 lake house decor items we believe every lake house needs.

10 Perfect Lake House Decor Finds

Here's the list:

  1. Navy/Red Distressed Wood Oars
  2. Nautical Mirror
  3. Nautical Rug
  4. Anchor Shelf
  5. Rattan Lamp
  6. Lake House Doormat
  7. Anchor Hooks
  8. Beaded Chandelier
  9. Go Jump in the Lake Sign
  10. Grey Woven Lantern

Setting the Stage for your Lake House Decor

Set the stage with a nautical rug as a large accent to your room. This indoor rug is durable, easy-to-clean, and comes in 5"x7" or 8"x10" so you'll need to measure to find the perfect size for your location. Having a good rug is important for comfort and to bring a warm vibe to your lake house seating areas. It's under $200 for the larger size and has excellent reviews - such a great snag!

A lake-themed welcome mat is a great way to accent your entry way and introduce your style to your guests at first glance. Your lake house decor starts as they walk in the door (outside counts too, but today we're focused on inside...), start with a fun doormat that's inviting! Never miss a chance to make a great first impression.

Make a fun lake house decor collage on one of the most prominent walls in the house as a focal point for guests. We have a fun wall with a shelf and a fun arrow sign pointing to the lake similar to the one we recommend here. I love the statement "Go Jump in the Lake" as an expression of impulsive fun. Use the anchor shelf, "Go Jump In the Lake" sign, wooden oars, and anchor towel hooks to create a fun collage similar to ours. Print a couple pics and put them in fun frames to sit on the anchor shelves.

Mirrors are excellent to incorporate into your wall decor and it's said that they can help create the illusion of a larger room. We love adding a mirror at the end of a hallway, or on a big statement wall. There are SOOOO many fun nautical-inspired mirrors in the market but to keep from getting to kitchy, we love this core basic round mirror with a hint of lake house decor in the rope to hang it from. This one comes in 2 sizes so you can ensure you have the right size for your space.

Lake House Decor Collage Wall Decor

Wooden Oars Make a Big Statement

Wooden Oars are a great statement piece for your decor. We love being able to pair these up and take up a large area of space. We absolutely love these navy and red distressed wood oars or these nautical blue-grey hand-painted distressed wood oars. If you want to be more thrifty, we recommend hitting your local antique stores, you can often find vintage oars there and if you're crafty, hand-paint them for the perfect one-of-a-kind lake house decor piece.

Use an inspiring and fun light to bring character to your lake house decor

If we told you that you should get a chandelier for your lake house, you might think we're slightly crazy. You might think that's too fancy or why would I want something that big... but when we saw this beaded chandalier in the blue tones, we were determined to help you envision how this could work. You could hang this over a table, over a chair, in the bathroom, or even in a bedroom. This light fixture has so much potential. How fun is this lifestyle image from @ourboathouse where they hung a fun distressed wood bead chandelier over the bed? (And that vintage swimsuit framed... so fun!) We are sooo in LOVE with this piece!

We don't own this chandelier because the ceilings in our lake house are low and don't allow the space for this, but you can bet that we'd own this in a heartbeat if we could make it work! (In our next lake house... don't tell the Anchor Man!)

For additional lighting, it's always good to place a lamp on an end table. This @target find is well priced and perfect to go along with any theme of decor. It's a rattan, natural wood material bringing the outdoors inside for your lake house decor. It's nothing fancy but would fit in perfectly as an accent to the rest of your decor.

For the last piece on our list, we believe every mantle needs a lantern. If you have a fireplace mantle or other prominent shelf or ledge, this fun woven lantern from @HobbyLobby is a great piece to snag while it's on sale! It would also make a great table centerpiece for your kitchen or coffee table. It's less than $25 and is such a fun basic that coodinates with most decor. You can set a candle down inside of it too! We love the battery operated candles on timers that come on automatically. We don't recommend hanging it, unless you have the perfect spot out of traffic zones. We just drape the cord off to one side.

OK - it's time to go decorate! We hope you found some inspiring ideas and feel confident to go incorporate some of these ideas into your style. We wish we were at the lake decorating right now instead of sitting at home, working and watching it snow. It's chilly and white here... we are longing for Spring days that will eventually turn to Summer waves!

Lake House Decor Finds

For the love of the lake,

Signature Team Anchored
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