Is Traveling to Mexico during COVID-19 Safe?

Is Traveling to Mexico during COVID-19 Safe?

Are you still hesitant to travel International because of COVID? It's ok, I was too and honestly we debated cancelling our trip several times. After much consideration and talking to a representative at the resort we were visiting, we decided to take the trip and I am so glad we did. The resorts and businesses in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico are taking significant safety precautions to ensure guests are safe and keeping things sanitary at all times. We stayed at the Pueblo Bonito Rose Resort and I wanted to share a little about what they're doing for anyone curious about going. I was pleasantly surprised by their generous efforts and we had a great time enjoying our vacation as always!

Airline Travel: Masks are required all throughout the airport. They have people monitoring and enforcing that you wear your mask on the airplane at all times. Flight assistants persistently told our 3 year old to keep his on. As you board the plane, they are offering sanitizer wipes to wipe down your seat and seat back tray tables. The snack packs they are currently serving on planes are individually packaged and they provide a mini water per person. They are doing everything they can to foster safe travel while people are in close proximity to others.

Resort Sanitation Booths: Upon our first arrival and every time we would return to our resort, we were required to go through these guest sanitation booths, called #ArmorZone. These booths first require you to take your temperature, and if you do not have a fever, it allows you to enter it. Once inside it asks you to spin around twice while it sprays you down with disinfectant. All guests are required to enter this process before proceeding into the resort. In this video I did live from Cabo, Mexico, I walk you thru the booth and how it works. Super interesting we don't have any thing like this state-side, at least that I'm aware of. #SanitationBooths

Traveling to Mexico during COVID-19

Bag Sanitizing: Upon arrival at our resort, the bellmen unloaded our bags and sprayed them down with sanitizer before delivering them to our rooms.

Disinfecting Floor Mats: Everywhere we went (resorts and restaurants), they had a floor mat holding sanitizer that you step on and then step onto a dry mat to dry your shoes. I guess this ensures no one is tracking around the virus!

Temperature Checks & Hand Wash Stations: Most places we visited, especially restaurants take our temperature at the door and then squirted hand sanitizer into our hands. One restaurant even had a sink near the hostess stand and required we wash our hands before being seated. We chatted with one of our servers about the impact to their business, and he told us that the regulations are very strict and any business caught in-compliant will be charged a $5000 fine and be shut down.

Masks & Social Distancing: The mask mandate is still active in Mexico; most people are wearing it up and down the streets and in any public place. Most did not wear it around the pool or on the beach unless in close proximity to others. #Maskup #wearamask

COVID Test for re-entry to US: Most resorts are assisting all of their visitors by offering on-site testing within the 72 hours before you leave. We were able to book our testing appointment, take it on site within a few minutes, and we had our results by the end of the same day.

Do the research. Be smart and take precautions to ensure you stay safe. Travel safe.

I encourage you to do research and talk with someone about what precautions your resort or hotel is taking. It's important for them to know it's a priority for you and for you to feel comfortable before going to prevent being caught in an uncomfortable situation. Everywhere is different, so the research is crucial.

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