5 Fun Family Easter Activities and Games

5 Fun Family Easter Activities and Games

Easter is the only time of year when it is safe to put all of your eggs in one basket.

Looking for ways to pump up the fun this Easter Sunday? While delicious dinners and egg hunts are no brainers for this holiday, adding some fun family Easter activities and games will bring some friendly competition and loads of laughter and photographic moments. I'd say we can all use a big dose of fun and laughter after the year of the pandemic.

Here are five game/activity ideas that are easy to prepare. I know Easter is only four days away, but trust me, there is still time to pull these off.

family easter activities


We love to play the game Egg Head and it's such a simple and cheap activity for families to do at their Easter gathering. (Supplies: approximately 1 dozen hard boiled eggs.)

  1. Create even teams for a relay race.
  2. Each team will get a hard boiled egg and take turns going a specified length (approximately 10 feet) and back balancing the egg on top of their head.
  3. When they return to the line, they hand off the egg to the next teammate who then begins the same path.
  4. The race is finished when all teammates have reached the finish line without dropping the egg.
  5. IF someone drops the egg and it cracks, they must get a new egg and start their leg of the race over.


Colorable Placement for $3.50 on ETSY from Indigo Ink Boutique How adorable is the "Spoiler Alert: The tomb was empty!" placemat? I just love the fun religious message on each of these that the kids can color while they wait for their meal. This is available for instant download/print.


The Story of Easter Board Book is the perfect family story to read while sitting around with little ones. Keep them engaged with the pictures and use this tool to help you illustrate the story of Easter. When I last looked, there were several of these available for pickup today at local Target locations.


Egg Toss and Carrot Toss are a couple of additional fun team-oriented games. Egg Toss is comprised of teams of two people. Each team is provided with a fresh egg (not hard-boiled). Teams will start just three feet apart and must toss the egg to their teammate. After each toss, the teammates each take a step backward. They continue to toss their egg back and forth and taking a step back until the egg drops and breaks. The team that was able to go the furthest distance apart is the winner. (Supplies: 1/2 as many eggs as the number of participants in the game.)

For the Carrot Toss, divide all participants into two relay teams. Each team member will attempt to toss 3 carrots into a bucket that is set approximately 10 feet away. For each carrot that lands in the bucket, 10 points is awarded. The team with the most points wins. (Supplies: 6 raw full-size carrots and two buckets.)


I love this idea from Lifeway Kids called Cadbury Overload. The objective is to see who can eat the most Cadbury Eggs in 1 minute. This includes having to individually unwrap each one. Hopefully they can't eat enough in 1 minute to cause a stomach ache.

Just for fun and to appease the competitive members of the family, we include prizes for the game winners. Every family has at least one ultra competitive member, right? Please tell me that I, I mean my family, is not alone in this dynamic. We go to the dollar store and grab some simple items as prizes. Here are examples of prizes we have used:

  • Peeps (of course)
  • Flower or Plant seeds (Tomatoes, Cucumbers, etc.)
  • Bubble Gum Packs
  • Silly Putty
  • Small Toys
  • Bath Bombs
  • Fun Socks

Add some fun to your family gathering by incorporating some of the ideas and activities provided here. You will find more joy in the moments and incorporate the true story of the occasion in a fun and engaging way. The kids will always remember the fun they had at Easter gatherings.


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