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2022 Amazon Favorite Items

2022 is a wrap!  We're excited to move onto 2023 but wanted to share the top 10 fan picks from 2022.  We often reference and link items in our blog articles and social media stories that we personally own and love and think you might love as well.  We feel sharing them might be beneficial to the Anchor Crew, and because we feel friends shouldn't let friends miss out on cool things, right?!   We are all friends here in the Anchor Crew!  Here are the top 10 items you all purchased in 2022.  

1. Retro Aviator Polarized Sunglasses from SOJOS are our absolute

Retro Aviator Sunglassesfavorite sunglasses for the lake season.  We have proven that you can have stylish sunglasses that don't break the bank.  And, when you spend extensive time near the water, trust us when we say that you will fall victim to having the lake swallow a pair of sunglasses.  It just happens, and we have learned the hard way that the lake does not care about price tag when choosing the next pair to swallow.  These Sojo Aviators have the nose piece built into the frame so when you slide them up on your head, they don't get stuck in your hair.  Best lake day sunglasses! Hurry, they're on sale for $14.99 right now if you want to snag a couple pairs for yourself before lake season.  

2. Luster Mason Jar Wine Glass Set are among the top picks of our followers.  These were gifted to us by a friend for Christmas and we loved them so much, we shared with you. While they made for a great Christmas gift and you all took advantage when we shared this link, they are truly a great year round gift idea!  This set is clear with an iridescent finish so the colors change at different angles. They're beautiful and an excellent price point for a set of 4. They also come in a multi-color set that's fun too!  


Lake Lovers Favorite Beach Hat

3. Our favorite beach hat is required for pool days, beach trips, and floating on the lake.  We love this wide brim hat that easily rolls to place in suitcase for travel to prevent it from getting smashed.  Several consecutive days in the sun can be damaging to your skin, especially your face.  A good beach hat is an essential that can protect you from harmful rays.  This one comes in several colors and is a fantastic price point.  


4. We have fallen in love with these Gravity-Activated Salt & Pepper Shakers.  They do require batteries, but when you flip them upside down, gravity makes it grind and sprinkle your food.  It is so helpful to be able to get fresh cracked salt and pepper with just one hand while you are cooking or grilling.  They are truly awesome, and many of you thought so as well when we shared the link.  We gifted several sets of these over the holidays.  If you didn't already get a set, we promise you won't regret purchasing these!  

5. We featured this Multi-Device Charger when we talked about how we make our guests feel welcome.  This charger allows guests to easily charge their phone, watch, and earbuds all at once.  Our lake guests rave about it, and we even have these in our Kansas City primary homes.  

6. Coir Doomat with Fish, 32"x16" makes a fun addition to your lake house front porch or patio.  Made for indoor or outdoor use and has great reviews too.  No wonder you all loved this cute and unique nautical doormat.  

7. These Sling Hammock Floaties are so easy to inflate and deflate, and roll up to stash in the boat for when you want to go cove out.  They dry quickly and don't take up much room in the boat.  They come in 2-packs and you can typically find a steal on them.  


8. WoW Watersports Foam Pool Noodle is so much better than the cheap  styrofoam noodles because they do not mildew.  They are larger (5.5" wide) in diameter and more durable than the standard noodle.  They are made of a soft ribbed vinyl and worth every penny!

9. Pizza Crust for Flatbread Pizzas, that's right... one of the most purchased items last year was this flatbread pizza crust we used in our Maple Pepper Bacon Pizza.  It's so delicious! If you purchased this, did you make it?  Share with us if you did and tell us if you LOVED it! 

10. Wireless Smoothing T-Shirt Bra from Warners is so incredibly comfortable.  We both own a couple of these and it makes wearing a bra so much more bearable.  It's seamless with side smoothing panels. From our experience, it fits true to your t-shirt size. This comes in several colors; we have the heather gray, butterscotch, black and toasted almond.  


Thank you so much for supporting our small business this year.  We love sharing our favorite things with you and hearing what you love too! Anytime you come across something all lake life lovers should have, please send us a message or email and let us know. We're always looking for fun new brands and items to test and try for our followers. Friends, we've almost made it to Spring! Hang in there for a few more weeks. Who else is ready? We certainly are!

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