Aqua Lily Pad Inflatable Dock for the Lake, 10'

5 Reasons Why YOU Need An Amazing Inflatable Dock

Hello Lake Lovers!  If you're like us, you know that spending time on the water is pure bliss. The lake provides a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. To enhance your lake experience, consider investing in an inflatable dock. We recently added one to our lake house and we are blown away by how much we love it!

Floating docks are versatile, convenient, and fun, and they offer a range of benefits that will make even a great lake day greater!  Aqua Lily Pad has just released a new line of inflatable docks in various shapes and sizes!  In this article, we'll explore five compelling reasons why every lake lover should have an inflatable dock and why we're loving this new 10  x 12 foot wide one from Aqua Lily Pad (Use promo code: ANCHORED10 and save 10% today!)!  

First of all, what in the world is an inflatable dock? An inflatable dock is a portable and versatile platform that can be easily inflated and used on the water. It is typically made from durable materials such as super thick plastic (PVC) or reinforced fabric that is resistant to punctures and water damage. The dock is designed to provide a stable and secure surface for various activities, such as swimming, sunbathing, or anchoring down in a cove. It can be quickly inflated using a pump and deflated for convenient transportation and storage. With its lightweight and portable nature, it's easy to pack and go for all your lake day adventures!  

Aqua Lily Pad Inflatable Dock, Pump, and Bag

5 Reasons You Need An Inflatable Dock:

  1. Portability and Easy Setup: One of the most significant advantages of an inflatable dock is that it's easy to transport. Unlike traditional docks, which are fixed structures, inflatable docks can be easily deflated, rolled up, and transported wherever you desire. Aqua Lily's inflatable dock includes a durable stowage/travel bag with heavy duty handles that make it a breeze to carry onto the pontoon or stow away when not in use.  Whether you're exploring different lakes, going on a weekend getaway, or heading to a friend's lake house, you can conveniently carry your inflatable dock along in the included travel bag. The ease of setup is another perk. With this inflatable dock, you simply need to unfold it, inflate it with the included pump (or reverse your shop-vac) and tie it in place. In no time, you have a new dock or in other words . . . a new water playground! 

  2. Expand Your Waterfront Space: Owning an inflatable dock expands your waterfront space. Instead of being confined to the size of your stationary dock, you can extend to a larger area to enjoy water activities. The Aqua Lily Inflatable Dock measures a full 10' x 12' wide providing room for 7 adults to sit comfortably around the edge and still have space for the little ones to swim/play in the mesh center.  This inflatable dock has been a great solution to allow us to continue to catch some rays after our stationary swim dock becomes fully shaded around 2:00 p.m. each day.  We simply swim over to the inflatable dock and sit or lay on the inflated sides.  

  3. Versatility for Water Activities: An inflatable dock opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to water activities. Whether you're a fan of diving or wanting to do a dock start for waterskiing, this stable platform is a perfect launch pad. Our boys love to play king of the hill and see who is still standing after knocking their brothers off the edge.  Additionally, the mesh center of the Aqua Lily dock provides a contained area for little children to splash and play, or maybe even learn how to swim, which allows you to keep a close eye on their safety while still enjoying a visit with your family and friends from the inflatable sides.  

  4. Convenient Accessory for Boating: For lake lovers who own boats, you can take the inflatable dock on your boat to inflate when you go out to anchor down in a cove or to a nearby sand bar to hang out for the day. The dock can also help with ease of boarding and disembarking, and makes it easy to transfer between the water and your boat. It provides a versatile and reliable platform that complements your boating adventures.  Kim loves to anchor down and on super hot days, the Aqua Lily foam noodles and water saddles are perfect.  However, on those days where the lake water is not so warm, she appreciates being able to enjoy having her feet and arms in the water, but the ability to keep the rest of her body on the inflatable dock to soak up all the rays.

  5. Storage and Maintenance: Compared to traditional docks, an inflatable dock has the added advantage of easy storage and maintenance. Once you're done using the Aqua Lily Pad dock, it is easy to remove from the water with the perfectly placed handles all around the outside perimeter.  Simply unscrew the three valves to begin to deflate it (to speed up the process, use the shop vac).  We can literally inflate or deflate the dock in under 5 minutes.  Then roll it up and put it in the convenient storage bag and store it in a compact space.  We are easily able to store it in our dock closet or sometimes called dock locker.  

Aqua Lily Pad Features

Needless to say, we are over the moon happy with the Aqua Lily Inflatable Dock.  The durability and ease of using it has totally blown our minds.  In all honesty the Anchorman was a bit of a skeptic, because he is not a huge fan of inflatables due to their reputation for not staying blown up or the extra space it takes to store them. We can confidently say that we have changed his mind with this item.  The Aqua Lily Inflatable Dock features PVC drop stitching and is fused with tough nylon for increased stability and durability.   It can absolutely withstand bumps and bruises of common lake toys, like water guns, paddleboards, and tubes, and IT STAYS INFLATED for as long as you want it to!

For lake lovers investing in an Aqua Lily Pad inflatable dock is a game-changer. With its portability, easy setup, and versatile functionality, this inflatable dock offers a range of benefits that traditional docks cannot match, such as sand bar and anchor down adventures. The investment is well worth it.  We promise your family (and the kids) will thank you!  Ours absolutely love our newest toy for the summer!  We know you'll love it too!  

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