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8 Amazing Bunk Rooms That Easily Accommodate Extra Guests

We put our heart and soul into remodeling our lake house when we bought it in 2016.  Although the remodel resulted in a beautiful transformation to a more modern layout and updated furnishings, there are still a couple of things we wish we could incorporate.  Naturally, having a 2nd bathroom would be a tremendous benefit, but we also keep dreaming about building up and adding a bunk room. 

Bunk rooms seem to be a trend these days, and we think this type of addition onto the house would allow us to nearly double the number of guests that we can accommodate.  We love the idea of being able to invite more than one or two couples for the weekend.  And, we can't help but envision the laughs the grandsons would have hanging out in such a fun creative space.  

We have spent some time looking for inspiration and wanted to compile some of our favorite finds and ideas that we would seriously work into our design ... one of these days.  :) There are so many good examples out there and many of the options have clever details built into the spaces that would make your guests' stay that much more enjoyable.  Don't miss the video of our favorite one at the end!  

Bunk Room Styles

From modern and industrial, to coastal and classic, there are a million and one bunk room styles out there to choose from.  Most of the time when you think of a bunk room, you may be thinking stacked beds to accommodate multiple sleepers, but bunk actually means temporary sleeping quarters. Most of the time, they are stacked but as you look through some of the inspiration we include here, you'll see that this can also be small sleeping nooks, not stacked. The amount of space you have for a bunk room will define how your bunks are arranged. 

For a lake house bunk room, we tend to think shiplap, metal and wood as finishes with nautical style bedding and a fun light feature. 


Collins Interiors Bunk Room


If you had the space, this bunk room with twin bunks over queen beds provides an open room feeling, as opposed to the usual closed off feel of bunks,  This bunk design from @collins_interiors on Instagram would make a great lake house design for larger spaces.  

Killowen Construction Bunk Room

We're obsessed with this @killowenconstruction bunk room they shared with 8 queen beds, sleeps 16 people styled in this classy, modern design.  More views can be found over on their Instagram page.  

Necessary Bunk Room Features

Since we're dreaming of a bunk room perfect for our lake house, we will talk about features we would want to see there.  First and foremost, you will need a ladder or stairs to get to the upper bunks, thoughtfully positioned lighting, and we think electronic charging outlets would be essential.  

Obviously you will want to add a ladder or stairs up to the higher bunks. 

 Carpenter Macneille Bunk RoomIf you have the space, stairs are safe, fun, and can be designed to include storage too.  If you're constrained on space, a vertical ladder can be positioned straight up the side or angled to make it a little safer.  Both of these options are commonly used and look great too! Check out these fabulous mahogany bunks crafted by @carpentermacneille that have the ship board ceilings, angled ladders to the top bunks and storage drawers under the beds.  What a great example of maximizing the space and providing cozy accommodations for guests.  

Storage space is always at a premium in our lake house.  Because we want to make every square inch "living space", there isn't an abundance of closets or storage areas. As you design a bunk room, there are many great ways to add in storage options.  For example, within the stairs you can create lift top storage, or under the bed, or even create niche shelves within each bunk for storing books, devotionals, extra blankets, etc.

Here's an adorable example from Chango & Co of fun aqua-colored bunks with stairs leading up the middle.  These stairs take a significant amount of space but could totally have storage space incorporated into them. Chango & Co Lake House Bunk Room

Adding a small sconce light within each bunk allows for reading a book or magazine while in bed without disturbing the other bunks.  We love this adorable example from @GHDinteriors on Instagram of these fun nautical bunks with sconces.  Another great detail to build in are charger outlets in each bunk for ease of charging the all important electronics.  

GHD Interiors Nautical Bunk Room



Bunk Room Layout Options

Bunk rooms can also consist of many different bed sizes and arrangements of those beds.  You can put a twin over a full or queen, or simply stack 2 twin beds.  There are so many options out there, but again, it will depend on the amount of space you have and how many people you want to be able to accommodate.  

Vanderhorn Architects Bunk Room

Image Credit:  English Country Individual Bunk Nooks @vanderhornarchitects on Instagram

For bunks, privacy can be a concern for guests.  We love this idea from @kellycarondesigns that includes a curtain that can be drawn to prevent light and sound.  It won't prevent all sound, but could help block out minimal sound within the room.  

Kelly Caron Designs Lake House Bunk Room

We couldn't write a bunk room article without including our all time favorite bunk room from @stylehouseinteriors made to look like a big ship, complete with the wheel, propeller, and peek holes. They certainly knocked it out of the park when they created this nautical design.  We know our little boys would LOVE to spend their nights cozied up in this bed.  



Since it may be a while before our bunk room dream becomes a reality, we will keep giving the sofa sleeper and our blow up beds a workout.  This is because we live by the motto "the more people the merrier" when it comes to making memories at the lake. 

We are curious to know which bunk room style is your favorite?  Would you even want a bunk room?  Tell us if you think building up on our lake house would look aesthetically pleasing.  

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