The Best Gift Ideas for Moms Who Love the Lake | Mother's Day Gifts

The Best Gift Ideas for Moms Who Love the Lake | Mother's Day Gifts

Lake life moms are a special kind of mothers who enjoy spending time with their families by the water. Whether it's boating, swimming, or just lounging on the dock, lake life moms appreciate the simple pleasures that come with living by the water. If you're looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift for the lake life mom in your life, we've compiled a list of top gift ideas that she is sure to love!

Top Gifts for Lake Moms

Reef Sandals | Sunglasses | Lake Life Bag

  1. Reef Cushion Vista Hi Sandals: These sandals are super high on the anchor woman’s list for Mother’s Day this year.  We’ve talked about it before, but we can’t say it enough - we LOVE this brand.  They are known for creating sandals that are fashionable and comfortable— what more could Mom want?  Ashley’s most recent purchase are these Water Vista Slingback sandals. They are water-friendly sandals that are super durable and made of rubber/EVA. (For the boys and men in our family, we normally recommend the Reef Fanning style with the bottle opener in the sole.) 
  2. SOJOS Sunglasses: Our all time favorite sunglasses for lake days!  We love the shape, quality, and fit of this brand and most importantly, they’re less than $20! (It’s not as detrimental when she forgets to take them off before she dives in the water.). We own many colors and LOVE them all.  We promise she’ll look awesome in any color/shape of these fun summer sunglasses! 
  3. Margaritaville Pool Float:  Mom can float the day away in this fun sit & sip pool float.  It is easy to inflate and perfect for relaxing with a cold drink in the pool, the lake, the river or wherever she likes to chill. 
  4. Swig Floatie Fun Coffee Mug: No lake day is complete without a cup guaranteed to keep your drink cold (or hot if you're sipping coffee).  This mug has a super fun summer print featuring pool floaties and is perfect for the mom who loves spending time by the water.  
  5. Turkish Beach Towel: Mom can dry off after her next swim with this super fun striped Turkish towel that comes with a cute drawstring bag.  She will love that these towels dry-quick and are lightweight to carry in her lake tote bag!  
  6. Anchor Necklace: Nothing says lake lover like this anchor necklace. Help mom express her passion for lake life with this fun piece of nautical jewelry  she can wear anytime.  This adjustable (16-20") small 14k gold sideways anchor is timeless and classic.   
  7. Lake Life Canvas Bag: This adorable lake life bag is crafted of canvas and makes the perfect tote to help her transition from the house to the dock or the boat.  She can easily toss in her sunscreen, towels, and other accessories and go! 

Top Gift Ideas for Mom

Swig Mug | Margarita Floatie | Beach Towel | Anchor Necklace

We know the lake life mom in your life will love any of these top gift ideas. Whether she enjoys water sports or just lounging by the water, there is something on this list that will make her feel appreciated and loved. So go ahead and choose the perfect gift that will make her lake days even more enjoyable.

Do not delay... time is a running out!  We would love to hear what you are gifting your Mom this year. After all, Mom's DO make the world go round, right?!


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