Ravioli Lasagna Recipe is Easy and Delicious

Ravioli Lasagna Recipe is Easy and Delicious


Our favorite thing about this lasagna ravioli recipe is that it makes enough for us to prepare two 9"x13" pans, one to eat now and one to freeze for later. Having a batch of this in the freezer allows us to quickly act when we hear about a friend or a family that could use a meal. When someone we know or love is under the weather, experiencing a death in the family, or even just a stressed-out mom... this is a perfect dinner option because it is so tasty, most people like Italian, and it transports easily. We grab some garlic bread and a bag of salad mix, a bottle of Olive Garden dressing, and deliver. Easy peasy, and always a crowd favorite! The best part is, if the family isn't ready to enjoy it that day, they can freeze it for later.

Ravioli lasagna- The Anchored Style

Drop us a comment, say hello, or let us know if you've made something similar! And if you try this one, let us know what you think of ravioli lasagna! Enjoy!

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