homemade frittata recipe by The Anchored Style

How to Make an Easy Frittata


It looks and sounds really fancy, Frit-tata! But in reality, it's a super easy and delicious breakfast recipe that will always impress your guests. We love utilizing leftover meat to make an easy frittata for a fresh breakfast that will feed a few people.

Frittata means "fried" and essentially it's fried eggs. fairly simple right? It's similar to an omelet or quiche, made in a skillet and combined ingredients cooked and then baked to crisp it up. It's an amazingly delicious twist on the traditional scrambled eggs. If you haven't tried this, be sure to whip it up for breakfast soon, everyone will love it and you'll be impressed with the flavor as well. We love to drizzle it with hot sauce or salsa and enjoy!


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