buffalo chicken wonton recipe

Buffalo Dip Appetizer Recipe


Who doesn't love Buffalo Chicken Dip for an appetizer? We do! But have you ever tried it in a wonton, A.K.A. Rangoon style? The Landing is a local restaurant near us that we love to hit for bar & grill style food and our favorite item on the menu are Buffalo Rangoons that come served with a Sweet Chili Sauce for dipping. They are incredible.

So we experimented. We have our own favorite Buffalo Dip recipe we got years ago from a dear friend, Connie Stark. It's delicious and is typically served in a mini crockpot with extra cheddar cheese melted on top. No doubt, it's a fan favorite around here. We were curious what it would be like to put that dip into wonton's, much like the Buffalo Rangoon we love at The Landing. (Their recipe is less creamy and we don't believe contains the cream cheese...) Have you ever used wonton's to cook? They're awesome and so easy to use.

They were FANTASTIC! They were super easy to make, took less than 15 mins to mix up the dip, about 20 minutes to close all the wontons up, then fry them in oil for about 20-30 seconds and voila! And as an added bonus, they make a super fun presentation for parties or gatherings. ENJOY!

We love wonton wraps. For other ideas, we use them in muffin pans and create small cups. We then fill them with taco meat, cheese, and bell peppers for a mexican cup. Or we have used them to make breakfast cups with sausage or bacon and eggs, topped with cheese. They are fun and creative way to make appetizers so we recommend you try them out!

Buffalo Dip Appetizer- The Anchored Style
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