Stunning Easter Tablescapes To Feast Your Eyes On!

Stunning Easter Tablescapes To Feast Your Eyes On!

What kind of Easter tablescapes are you thinking of creating this year? I firmly believe in the concept that first impressions matter. The first room you see when you enter my house is my formal dining room. Even if I am not hosting the family for the season at hand, I love to have my table set as if I am. As a matter of fact, I keep the table set with tableware that has a neutral palette even in between seasons.

Keeping my table set allows me to see my dishes that would otherwise rarely be seen outside the cabinet. What good are pretty plates just sitting in a cabinet? And, when guests stop by, whether planned or not, my table is ready to entertain.

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Right now, I am transitioning my tablescape from winter to Easter. Did you realize Easter is less than two weeks away? I hope this inspires you to make your table look pretty, and I hope you don't wait until the holiday arrives to get out your pretties!

First, I remove everything from the center of the table and decide whether I want to use a tablecloth or a table runner as the foundation. Next, I assess the dishes to determine if I want to completely change out what was there or work with the neutral options I most often keep on the table. Here is a look at what I mean by a neutral table setting.

Basically, it consists of a cream plate charger, and white and clear plates in varying sizes. This layered look creates great dimension for your place settings. Not only that, a set of white plates is so versatile, in that you can just change out the salad plate with a seasonally iconic plate if you choose. In the case of Easter, I am going to use this neutral look, and just add a bunny napkin ring that gives each place setting a seasonal touch. I found these adorable napkin rings on Amazon for $14.99 for a set of 8.

Lastly, I decorate the center of the table. I like to start with a statement piece, like a tray. The galvanized tray you see in my pictures is on my table nearly year-round because it is such a versatile piece. I just start incorporating my Easter decor items, such as bunnies, spring faux florals, and the trendy fabric carrots I picked up a few weeks ago at TJMaxx.

Check out the video below where I demonstrate setting the tablescape up. I am pleased with how it all came together, and it makes me smile each time I pass the dining room. I have a sneaky suspicion my family is going to see this and tell me that I am the lucky winner of the Easter dinner hosting lottery this year.


Here are some other fabulous tablescapes I found on Pinterest and wanted to share. I'm a sucker for the trends coming in style currently. The black and white plaid, pastel plaids, and the gingham fabrics. I love the special touches on this trendy tablescape from a Pinterester, Kristi Parker. The black plaid napkins with the adorable sketched bunny plates and the fabric carrots, with the added Rea Dunn eggs come together with such a fun view and an exaggerated trend statement.

This elaborate farmhouse-themed tablescape from The Painted Hinge makes a huge statement and brings forward a super fun shabby chic feel. The greenery used in this is fantastic, I love the vertical height it brings in. The white bunnies are a perfect subtle statement to hint Easter, but be applicable for Spring also. The bird nests in the bowls is a fun accent to these neutral based dishes. This look is so refreshing and breathes life to this room.

I also wanted to share this smaller tablescape, or centerpiece from @ASimplyStyledNest on Instagram, for those that may not have a larger dining room to do some of the more elaborate designs. This Easter centerpiece is adorably cute and brings a fresh Spring statement to this families table. I love the floral and greenery base with the eggs tucked in and the large statement bunny. You don't have to have a large space to make a fun statement.

This vintage style from DesignThusiasm incorporates gorgeous heirloom plates creatively topped with bird's nests resting on sundae glasses. I have little bird nests like this tucked into my decor throughout my home and love the subtle touch they add to this scene.

This example is super HAPPY, colorful and sure to be an attention grabber. It is from Turtle Creek Lane, and you must check out her fabulous entryway as well. It is truly a show stopper!

Here is a fun one that uses paper tableware. There is no shame in serving your guests on paper goods. I am going to let you in on a couple of secrets... 1. I serve my holiday guests on paper plates, and 2. I actually sell paper plates for my day job. While I love to have my formal table set with my real dishes, I do not like to have to spend hours doing dishes after I host a holiday meal. I am able to more thoroughly enjoy my time with my guests knowing I don't have to stress about the clean-up after they leave.

The paper plate industry is huge now. They make some really amazing spring and Easter paper goods that look real from afar. Check out these super cute ones below from Kate Aspen, I mean... Have you ever seen anything so adorable?

I hope this post gets you energized to get out your pretty dishes and create a magnificent display that is sure to impress your guests. Get to decorating!

How would you classify your tablescape style?

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